How Team Players Create and Cultivate a Culture of Success in the Workplace, Gary David (1 PD)


Gary David, PhD


Business today exists in an age of experience design and the experience economy. As part of this movement toward experiences, organizations increasingly are looking at employee experience as a way to attract talent, retain employees, and get an advantage over competitors. Beyond just engagement strategies and perks, employee experience speaks to the creation of an organizational culture in which workers are viewed as internal customers. At the same time, creating a better employee experience involves having to rethink managerial practices, leadership approaches, professional development, and recognition opportunities. As a result, many organizations are challenged in actually delivering the experiences that they say are valued due to the cultural change that often is required. This presentation will discuss the foundational concepts in employee experiences, approaches of different top experience companies, and pitfalls to avoid in trying to create better experiences.

Learning Objectives: 
1. Achieve an understanding of what is employee experience.
2. Develop an awareness of strategies in top employee experience companies.
3. Learn about pitfalls in launching an experience program.
4. Discuss metrics of measuring the impact of improved experiences.