What You Need to Know About Social Media, Justin Chapman (1 TW)


Justin Chapman


For better or worse, social media has become a part of our lives—both personally and professionally. It isn’t just for millennials and younger generations either; statistics show 68% of adults actively use social media, with three-quarters of those reporting daily use (Smith, 2018). Many people research better ways to use social media, but have you ever wondered how social media is using you?

In this session, we’ll learn some of the pros and cons of social media, how to use it most effectively, and how to avoid social media disasters. Attendees will learn what social media “knows” about you, as the speaker walks us through his own profile to point out indicators and inferences made based on preprogrammed algorithms. He will provide information on how to interact with businesses as well as with followers as a business. Also learn how to “decode” user ratings and reviews.

The speaker will discuss potential HIPAA compliance issues that can occur with using social media in the workplace, including examples of real-world events to show how social media has been both a benefit and a detriment to organizations. While the medical industry, including healthcare documentation, is filled with opportunities to take advantage of social media, understanding the nuances and best practices are key to mitigating risks.