New Hot Topics in Privacy and Security, Susan Lucci (1 ML)




This session will cover a lot of ground in what is new and what all healthcare professionals need to know related to privacy and security. Laws are changing and becoming more complex. Protecting all forms of confidential information is not only more important than ever, it is more challenging in the evolving healthcare world. Attendees will learn what is new, how it applies to them and how knowledge in the area of privacy and security will benefit them professionally and as key members of the healthcare team.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the goals of HIPAA modernization initiative
  2. Summarize the complexities of the State Regulations around personally identifiable information
  3. Discuss the upsurge in patient access complaints to the OCR
  4. Report on the new publication on Business Associate accountabilities
  5. Describe the latest cybersecurity threats and how to defend against them