Why Am I So Sleepy? Investigating and Treating Sleep Disorders, Ignacio Ripoll, MD (1 CM)


Ignacio Ripoll, MD


Patient complaints of sleepiness are common in medical practice. There are many disorders potentially responsible for the condition instigating this complaint as listed in The International Classification of Sleep Disorders, namely a) narcolepsy type 1; b) narcolepsy type 2; c) idiopathic hypersomnia; d) Kleine-Levin Syndrome; e) hypersomnia due to a medical condition; f) hypersomnia due to medications or drugs; g) hypersomnia associated with psychiatric disorders; or h) insufficient sleep syndrome. 

The pathophysiology, treatment, and prognosis of each of those conditions is different. The ability to differentiate one from the others is therefore important. In this lecture, we will define each of these conditions and explain how to reach a diagnosis, treat each, and establish a prognosis.

Learning Objectives: 
1. Learn about the etiology, pathophysiology and types of narcolepsy.
2. Learn what hypersomnia is and how it is different from sleepiness as well as which medical conditions are associated with hypersomnia.
4. Hear which medical conditions are associated with sleepiness.
5. Understand how to code and treat each of these conditions.