BOSS4CD Reveal with Q&A, Laura Bryan, Susan Dooley, Pat Ireland, Stacy Lehto (1 MTT)


Laura Bryan, MT (ASCP), CHDS, AHDI-F; Susan Dooley, MHA, CMT, AHDI-F; Patricia Ireland, CMT; Stacy Lehto, CHDS



Global consistency in documentation is the goal. Every patient’s medical record deserves excellence and equality in its creation—even when healthcare professionals insist on cutting and pasting or using unusual font types or colors! The Book of Style and Standards for Clinical Documentation (BOSS4CD) development team has strived to provide such tools and resources* in the new edition and in this session will discuss how the BOSS4CD is intended to help: 

*Below are a few allied standards-setting organizations used in the development of this book.

AMA = American Medical Association

ISMP = The Institute for Safe Medication Practices

SSF = Scientific Style & Format

QLEDR = Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference

TJC = The Joint Commission

HL7 = Health Level Seven