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Got Internet? Use it to Creatively Study, Retain, and Apply What You Learn (1 TT)

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This webinar will focus on creative ways to accomplish learning medical terminology and medical transcription and exploring alternative methods to absorb and retain that information.  There are multifaceted ways of learning using today’s technology. These techniques and ideas can be applied to any setting (from studying as a student to being in the workplace), encourages lifetime learning and makes the gathering of knowledge in the field easier. These tools are also beneficial to educators as they explore different strategies to help students achieve their goals in fun and Internet-based arenas.
Learning Objectives
1.  Define and understand the different learning styles and how they apply to our retention capabilities.
2.  Explore websites that offer information about anatomy, physiology, and other essentials to the MT/HDS profession.  
3.  Learn how to use games and utilities available to us through the Internet to enhance our learning as well as help us with absorption and retention.
4.  Differentiate between what constitutes correct information and how to use resources wisely. 
5.  Apply what you learn to whatever stage in school or work you’re in as you continue moving forward in your career.


Bio: Audrey Kirchner is a long-time HDS practitioner, having owned a small transcription service since 1989, as well as having worked for several national companies as a production QA specialist, speech recognition editor and transcriptionist. She is also an online instructor as well as having worked at her local community college. She has been published in Plexus several times and has given multiple educational webinars for AHDI as well as online colleges.


CEC: 1 Technology & Tools (TT)


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