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Putting Your Best Foot Forward to Attract the Right Job (1 PD)

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If you’re looking for a new job opportunity, then this webinar is for you! Join us to learn how to prepare a cover letter that will grab a reader’s interest and a resume that is succinct, allowing you to put your best foot forward. We’ll also cover interview preparation, including salient interview points and potential questions that may be asked, which will help you think on your feet under pressure. Finally, the presenter will discuss ways you can boost your confidence and take ownership for your part in the interview, be unafraid to ask questions, and feel empowered to answer interview questions in a way that highlights your skills, ultimately helping you land that position. 
Learning Objectives: 
1. Learn to formulate and format cover letters and resumes.
2. Understand how to prepare for job interviews.
3. Discover confidence-building techniques to use before and during an interview.
Bio: Andrea Sopko, CHDS, has been in the transcription industry for over 20 years and has worn many hats during this time. Andrea began her MT career after working as a legal secretary and then taking a medical terminology course. With these tools in hand, she landed her first MT job working in a hospital acute care setting.  She worked her way up to the lead transcriptionist position, which involved heading up the department QA, compiling training manuals for the MTs, including an MT training manual on cardiac catheterization, and setting up speakers while coordinating a transcription conference at the hospital where she worked. Her next venture was working for medical transcription services as an MT, a QA specialist, and a transcription mentor. While at one transcription company for 10 years, she went from MT to QA staff to the training department. In the training department, Andrea presented webinars, speech recognition training, and transcription training across multiple platforms. Andrea currently is an instructor at CanScribe Career College.
CEC: 1 Professional Development (PD)

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