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Worker Classification: Employee or Independent Contractor? (1 ML)

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51 Minutes
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  • Attendee will learn….. definitions of employee and independent contractor
  • Attendee will learn …..three main categories of factors that show whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor: behavioral control, financial control, and relationship of the parties
  • Attendee will learn…..what to do if they are unsure whether they are an employee or an independent contractor (Form SS-8 and process)
  • Attendee will learn…..where to find more information/resources on the IRS website.
  • Attendee will learn—how to determine whether the person providing service is an employee or an independent contractor; all information that provides the degree of control and independence that must be considered. 


Bio: Kari Gilje is a Senior Stakeholder Liaison with the Internal Revenue Service in Seattle, WA.  Kari works with representatives from business associations and government agencies to ensure their clients and members have the latest federal tax information.  


CEC: 1 Medicolegal (ML)

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