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HDIVC20: Keynote Speaker, Deirdre Kamber Todd (1 ML), Social Activity with Mabel Heitmeier and Live Drawing

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2 Hours 12 Minutes

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HDIVC20 Recording

Keynote Speaker

Deirdre Kamber Todd, Esq, CHP


When it comes to cannabis reform, Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” days are long gone. In this session, we will discuss the history, impact, and effect of cannabis legalization throughout the country. We will visit hot topics, including medical cannabis reform, legality issues in and outside the workplace, cannabis as a federally banned drug, discrimination issues arising from medical cannabis use, drug testing, medical research, and other hot topics relating to marijuana and medical cannabis today.

Attendees will learn: 
1. The past, present and future of cannabis reform in the United States.
2. The use of cannabis versus other drugs (such as opioids and narcotics).
3. Hot legal issues relating to marijuana legalization.
4. Discrimination arising from the use of medical cannabis.
5. The legal role of medical cannabis in healthcare testing and treatment.

Social Activity

Tidy Up Home & Life with The KonMari Method™

Mabel Heitmeier, Certified KonMari Consultant




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